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Monthly Pledge - Literacy Partner

Many people have to come together in order for the Literacy Council of Alaska to work properly. There are the staff members who continually coordinate their programs and support the people, the students who work towards their educational goals, the volunteers who spend time tutoring, and the donors who make these things possible. 

We would love for you to become a Partner in Literacy. With your monthly pledge, the programs and people at the LCA will be able to continue in their goals. The problems of low literacy will not go away overnight, but your monthly pledge says that you recognize this and are willing to help.

After signing up as a Literacy Partner with your monthly pledge, you will receive a monthly statement for tax purposes, as well as the Literacy Word, the quarterly newsletter of the LCA. 

(At this time, we are unable to set up a system for automatic transfer each month. Because of this, we will send you a monthly reminder through e-mail or postal mail. After receiving the reminder, please donate through this site and PayPal, or send a check to the Literacy Council of Alaska, 517 Gaffney Road, Fairbanks AK 99701.)

Please include e-mail address when making pledge.
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