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Tutoring FAQ's
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Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a tutor for adults at the LCA?
Anyone 18 yrs or older who has a high school diploma or a GED. Candidates will need to get a background check. (LCA has the form that will make it free for you to do.)

How do I become a tutor at the LCA?
The Literacy Council offers periodic tutor training workshops. These 14 hour workshops certify you as a ProLiteracy tutor.

After I get  my certificate, when do I begin tutoring?
The Adult Literacy program staff matches you up with a learner based on what you have said is your free time and what kind of learner you would be most comfortable working with.  An “ice-breaker” is scheduled where a staff person will introduce you to your learner and facilitate your first session. 
What is the Tutor Training Workshop?
The workshop is a 14-hour training where you will earn your ProLiteracy certificate.  With this certification, you can be a tutor at any other literacy program that is endorsed by ProLiteracy America without repeating the training. Guest instructors present ideas and demonstrate techniques to use with your student!  Time is given for you to practice presenting as well as exchanging ideas with your classmates. Our training also includes orientation to the Literacy Council of Alaska.  Of course, there is food provided and fun too!

Who will I be tutoring?
Tutors work with adult learners that have an interest in earning their GED, increasing their English literacy in speaking, reading and writing, and persons wanting to improve their reading skills.  During the workshop you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire as to the type of learner you feel would be the best fit for your interests and abilities.   

When and where would I tutor?
The Adult Literacy program staff will match you with a learner based on the information you give regarding the times you have available and places you feel comfortable meeting.  Public places are preferred, and the libraries and LCA are often used for tutoring.  If you feel comfortable tutoring in a learner’s home, it will be with a learner of the same sex.  

How long a commitment to tutoring is expected?
We would like you to commit to at least 6 months. We also ask that you meet a minimum of once a week for one hour, however, it is much better if you are able to meet twice a week for an hour each time.  We have found the best progress is made over time when the same tutor/ learner pair can stay together. Occasionally a match does not work out for some reason. If that is the case, please let us know.  You will be matched up with another learner. 

What happens when I need to leave town or go on vacation?
Both you and your learner will not always be available--that is to be expected.  You and your paired learner can work out what will be the best for you both.  This could include giving some homework or emailing while away. It’s up to the two of you.

Do I have to pay to be a tutor?
We ask that our tutors make a one time, up front, $15 contribution to help provide for the Xeroxing, LCA library books, and other materials available to you as a tutor. It also helps LCA keep the lights on and pay the rent! We are a non-profit organization, therefore dependant on grants, which keep dropping year by year.  Having said all this, we have never turned down a person who wanted to be a tutor due to their lack of funds for this fee.

How do I know what to teach?
The LCA Adult Literacy program staff is available to help you develop the best tutoring sessions possible.  We will go over the testing results of the learner you are matched with and offer suggestions on where to start and what resources would be the most beneficial. LCA‘s wonderful lending library is available only to tutors and students and contains many resources in all subjects. The Internet is also a great resource once you have picked what you will be concentrating on. 

Do you have other volunteer opportunities?
Yes! If tutoring turns out not to be your “thing,” you are still wanted and needed here at the Literacy Council.

Forget-Me-Not Books is a bookstore of recycled books in the front of the Literacy Council.  It helps fund our programs with its profits. Volunteers are always needed to help sort, clean, price and shelf books for the store. You can also adopt a section and keep it clean and tidy from week to week.

We also need volunteers to help with our Alaska Book Recycling Program.
This program needs volunteers to sort, clean, stamp, and box up books to be sent out to the community and the interior. We also need volunteers to drive the boxes to agencies or to mail them for us at the post office. 

We have many special events that help raise money to fund the Literacy Council. Volunteers are always welcomed for the Golden Mile race, the Biz Bee adult spelling bee and the Great Cover-Up at the UAF Pub.  

Finally, other miscellaneous tasks are always at hand. Photocopying, poster-making, cleaning, gardening, hauling trash to name a few can be great projects for volunteers to help out with! 
Visit our Get Involved page to learn how you can help. 

More Questions?
Check out our general Frequently Asked Questions page, or call us at 456-6212.

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