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The Literacy Council of Alaska could never do what we're doing without the help of our hard working, compassionate and dedicated volunteers;  learn about some of our volunteers and why they volunteer here by reading their stories below. 

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To discover the joy of volunteering and to meet our wonderful students you will have to become a volunteer yourself.  We have opportunities to tutor, teach, help in the bookstore, and spend time changing lives through literacy.  If you want to volunteer please give us a call at 456-READ.  We look forward to meeting you.

Meet a few of the Volunteers

"I volunteer by tutoring. My tutoring responsibilities are helping students increase their education level in math, reading, and writing. My favorite thing about tutoring is talking, helping, and laughing with LCA's staff and my students."
-Clarisa Grammont, Cross Age Tutor and Bookstore Volunteer

"I've been here five years now. Before I retired from my job, I thought I might like to become a tutor. I've had two students. Lately I've been helping clean and sort books. I enjoy helping here, it gives me something to do in my retirement years. I enjoy books, and I'm surrounded by them. I just thought it would be helpful to volunteer with an organization like this."
-John Seamands, Adult Tutor and Book Cleaning Volunteer

"I like to give back to the community as a retired teacher, as a tutor, and in the bookstore. I'm retired, so it's a great place to be in. It's fun meeting new people in the bookstore."
-Brian Koharian, Adult Tutor and Bookstore Volunteer

"I volunteer at the bookstore because I love reading and enjoy people.  I like the fact that Literacy Council recycles books and makes them affordable for all."  
-Kathy Bast, Bookstore Volunteer

"This community has been good to me and Enjoy paying back by volunteer service to organizations that meet a critical need and do it professionally with results.  The Literacy Council responds quickly to a growing need for better literacy and in all the years of volunteering only the Literacy Council treats its volunteers like VIP's.  It is a privilege to be part of this organization."
-Carter Crawford, Bookstore Volunteer

"I was looking for a volunteer opportunity Jessie and I could do together, and since we're both avid readers, this seemed like a natural fit. And I like being able to contribute in some small way to the efforts of the Literacy Council. I know the LCA depends on its volunteers in a big way, and I'm very pleased to be a part of that."
-Jackie Stormer, Bookstore Volunteer

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