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Guys Read
making reading fun for boys
Guys Read: Inspire!

The Guys Read program brings men into the classroom
 to attract boys to the fun and enjoyment of reading.
The program was created by the Fairbanks North Star 
Borough Public Libraries in partnership with the Borough 
School District and the Literacy Council of Alaska. 
A new non-profit, Guys and Gals Read United has been
 formed in order to ensure the continuation of the great 
work of inspiring boys to read.  

2013-2014 Annual Report
2008-2013 Book Lists for Guys Read

The program brings volunteer readers into 18 different schools twice a week spanning five weeks in January and February. The Guys Read program served over 500 4th grade boys annually and seen over 50 volunteers from the community each year!

Check out the Guys Read Manual developed by the Fairbanks North Star Borough's Public Library.

Guys Literacy Facts
Did you know that, as a group, boys:
  • Often slower to develop than girls and often struggle with reading and writing skills early on...
  • Rank lower in their class and earn fewer honors than girls...
  • Get into fights twice as often and commit suicide four times more often than girls...
  • Score lower in all grades on standardized reading and writing tests than girls...
  • Are more likely than girls to be placed in remedial classes or held back a grade...
  • Often don’t feel comfortable exploring the emotions and feelings found in fiction...

The action oriented learning style of many boys can work against them when they are learning to read and to write. Many boys also do not consider reading a masculine activity, since the majority of adults involved in kids' reading programs are women.

Be a Part of the Solution
Something is not working for boys, but there is not much in the way of support for boys’ literacy.
  • Form a father-son or parent-son book club. Be a model for how to read a book and talk about it.
  • Let boys know that magazines, newspapers, websites, biographies, comic books, and graphic novels are all reading material.
  • Men, read with your boys. Talk about reading. Let boys see you reading. Acting as a positive, literate role model is the single most important thing you can do to help boys read.
  • Volunteer to be role-model in the Guys Read program. 

Volunteer and More Information
Please contact Greg Hill by email to learn more about Guys Read at hillofbooks(at)  You can also visit the new Guys Read website!

Get the volunteer sign up form by clicking here.  Email your completed form or questions to hillofbooks(at)

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