GED Rural Services and Instructor

Job Summary:

GED Rural Services and Instructor is responsible for coordinating services for the AAE program in rural Interior communities. This includes travel, teaching, testing, and seeing to the educational success of rural students. This person will coordinate with TCC, CATG, and other entities involved in the social wellbeing of those living in rural Interior communities. They will also be responsible for engaging with potential students and interfacing with other LCA staff to ensure a continuation of services and data tracking. This includes preparing students to take and pass the GED. They will develop and teach course content in line with GED and Career Pathways curriculum provided by the State of Alaska.

Desired Qualifications

 1.   Bachelors Degree required

 2.   Experience teaching social studies, reading comprehension, and science

 3.   Ability to teach and work with adult students and foster a student-centered culture

 4.   Familiarity with methods for teaching reading, comprehension and other literacy skills

 5.    Ability to search for and procure study materials for students

 6.    Fluency with computers required

 7.    Must have excellent organizational skills and a proven ability to multi-task

 8.    Ability to function independently and in a group setting

 9.  Strong work ethic and a good sense of humor and flexibility

 10.  Strong communication and conflict resolution skills


Position Tasks

1. Responsible for engaging students and entities working in rural communities in Interior Alaska. This includes regular travel to rural communities.

2. Assess rural students’ educational level, teach appropriately, assist with goal setting, and oversee goal achievement and testing.

3. Attend to the career pathways of students.

4. Conduct support activities including community connections, partnerships, volunteers, and rural stakeholders to see to the successful mission of the Literacy Council of Alaska and AAE program.

5. Interface with LCA staff in order to ensure continuity, success, and data tracking for our students.

6. Other duties related to the rural functions of this program as requested by the Director of Adult Programs.

Hour of Work: 


Rate of Pay


Please send your letter of interest, resume, and references to

School Age Virtual Literacy Instructor

Job Summary:

This individual will also oversee our new school age tutoring program known as “Level-Up.” This program offers educational services to 8th grade students. The program emphasized reading and writing skills, virtual learning, and credit recovery in an efforts to assure a successful transition to high school. Position reports to the Executive Director.

Hour of Work: 

Monday- Friday, 10-20 hours/week.

Rate of Pay


Key Outcomes and Goals:

Create relationships with students in 8th or 9th grade, along with their families, in order to assist them in academic success. Create individual, remote, tutoring opportunities for these students. 

Top Qualifications:

1.  Bachelors degree in education or related field or experience.

2. Teaching and instructional experience with youth.

3  Demonstrates high levels of interest and aptitude in working with school age children and at-risk youth.

4. Computer and virtual platform expertise.

5. Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.


Main Responsibilities:

1.  Run LCA’s “Level-Up” educational program for 8th grade students.

2. Maintain a vision for education to influence the lives of youth in our community by means of an after school  program: teaching, tutoring, enrichment activities, community engagement, etc.

3.  Provide individual academic assistance virtually and plan for credit recovery as needed for our students.

4.  Maintain records, enter data, and produce monthly and annual reports. Manage program data for monthly and annual reports.


Please send your letter of interest, resume, and references to


Monday-Friday 12:30 pm-5:30 pm

Saturday 12:30 pm-5:00 pm

Sunday closed


517 Gaffney Road

Fairbanks, AK, 99701

T: 907-456-6212

F: 907-456-4302


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