Level Up! Tutoring

Spring 2021 Tutoring

Middle School students can participate in free one-on-one tutoring in Reading & Writing. Virtual and in-person sessions are offered. Need some help preparing for high school? High school readiness material will also be covered. Contact us to get involved.

Level Up! Summer 2021 Program

Learning doesn’t stop in May! The Summer Program is specific to Ryan Middle School's graduating 8th-grade students. It is a 10-week summerlong program consisting of English or reading assignments as well as high school readiness activities. Why participate? Students can get personalized help and individualized feedback on all submitted assignments. Students can focus on improving their ELA understanding and feel confident entering high school. AND, students will receive swag and prizes throughout the entire program! Registration will begin at the end of Spring.

Interested in volunteering with Level Up!? We are looking for retired, current, and future teachers and educators. Fill out the Volunteer Form and you will receive a description of the volunteer opportunities within the program.


Monday-Friday 12:30 pm-5:30 pm

Saturday 12:30 pm-5:00 pm

Sunday closed


517 Gaffney Road

Fairbanks, AK, 99701

T: 907-456-6212

F: 907-456-4302

E: lca@literacycouncilofalaska.org

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