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Adama's Bio: 

My name is Adama Barry. I am the only girl of my family. I was born in Guinea in the small town of Dabola in October, 1988. I have 3 older  and one younger brother. I am married and have one daughter. I was a dancer when I was in high school.

August 8, 2018:


My African Home vs. My Fairbanks Home 

In Fairbanks, I live in a big apartment compare to my family’s size. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, the dining room, the living room, and the kitchen. In the kitchen I like the countertop. But I don’t like the dishwasher which is broken and the freezer because it is too old and small. The apartment is made with a beautiful brown color wall that make me feel cozy. One of the bedroom et the dining room has a mirrors which I like very much because of you can look at yourself before you leave. I like the smell of my house. Once I got in the house I smell vanilla air freshener. Even though I don’t have a lot of decoration in my house I like the simplicity inside because I don’t like too much staff in my house. For example, in the house I have only the couch, the TV, the carpet, and the dining room.0…. There is no other decoration as painting or pictures.  I feel comfortable inside because it is organized. I like the matching color of the carpet trough the couch and the wall.

However, in Africa I used to live in a small house with a big family. Everything is different to where I live now. The house has 3 bedrooms, but the kitchen and the bathroom each was separate to the house. We all eat together, ‘’the African dining style’’.  And the house was always smelling a ‘’thiouraye’’ the African deodorizer which I adore. In the living room we all watch TV together at night.

August 1, 2018:


An African in Alaska 

My life in Africa compared to my life in Fairbanks.

My new life in Fairbanks is very different from where I was before, in Guinea, West Africa. After many years in Africa, now I live in Fairbanks, Alaska, a state that I was always scared to live in, because when I was young I heard it has six months of day and six months of night, and is very cold. My first  time in Alaska it was during winter, and I saw the difference right away. It is a beautiful and lovely place to live. People are friendly and very kind. People in Fairbanks care about strangers and are so helpful.


In winter I have to wear many clothes to protect myself from the cold since sometimes the weather is -40 or more. There are many places to enjoy during the winter, for example ice skating, or Santa's House in North Pole. Also I can make a snow man .There is also the ice bridge. In winter the night is longer than the day. It is just so beautiful.

In the summer I was used to staying up late to wait for the dark before going to sleep, but unfortunately there is no dark in the summer time. I can see the midnight sun.There is so many places to go, such as camping, hiking, going to the lake or barbecuing everywhere. It is so awesome and lovely to spend time with friends and family.


In Fairbanks I feel myself responsible because I have a husband and one daughter who I take care of. I am going to school at Literacy Council of Alaska for English, where I feel like I am still in kindergarten even though I have my French bachelor's degree. I have met awesome classmates from different cultures from everywhere in the world. The teachers are skilled, friendly and awesome.

On the other hand, in Africa there is warm weather, a raining season and dry season. I was single, a French college graduate in business law. I always lived with my parents and siblings. They always had control over me.


In conclusion, I have a good experience of life in Alaska, especially in Fairbanks. The family, the friends, teachers, and coworkers are awesome. I cannot finish this paragraph without thanking my lovely husband who gave me the opportunity to experiment this new life, even when I miss my old life .

July 25, 2018:


Dream Coming True 

My new business - Myafrica

Since when I was 12 years old I always dreamed to open my own business and be able to speak English.
In July 2018, for the first I am seen my business growing up. With the collaboration of my brothers and my husband we decided to work together and open the ‘’ Myafrica ‘’.The subject is to contract with some manufacture in Germany in import some product to Guinea Conakry and others countries in West Africa.

People are excited about the product’’ trolli Guinea’ ’because of its help decorate a birthdays cake, a cocktail, they can enjoy it with some drinks between friends or coworkers after work.

The joy with trolli is everyone can eat it at any occasion for example at the night club or others places.

However some countries in West Africa speak English for example Sierra Leone and Liberia.  We are doing the marketing on the social Medias such as Facebook, Instagram, snapchat etc. Even though the plane is to start with Guinea first, the others Countries is already touched by the social media and are asking many questions in English. So as an administrator of the page I have the honor to answer the questions in English. And today I thank all the teachers in Literacy council of Alaska whom takes all the energy to teaches me English. Because of the education they are giving me I a m able to do read, understand and answer all the questions in English and satisfied their desire . Without my teachers help I will never be able to answer my customers questions.

July 18, 2018: 

Hello everyone,

My name is Adama Barry. I am from Guinea Conakry a country of West Africa. It is very difficult to speak other language than your native languages. I have my Master Degree in French Business Law. I speak five other languages. However I study English as a second language at Literacy Council of Alaska. Because  when i just got to the United States I only knew how to answer the question ''what is your name'' and how to count from one to ten. I remember a  three year old teach me how to count from 11 to 100 in New York . Sometimes speaking English in front of my coworkers or others English speakers is very uncomfortable for me because of my accent . So with the support of my wonderful teachers at the Literacy Council of Alaska I feel confident with my English. So  today my English is getting better than I thought. Also the kind of my classmates coming from everywhere in the world like China, other countries of Africa, Korea, etc. 


Literacy Council of Alaska is getting me ready to attempt my new career goal which is to be a medical assistant. I am learning a lot of from them as taking a native English classes, learning about blogging. I like the interactions between teachers and students


So thank you so much to the teachers, staff, and classmates from Literacy  Council of Alaska for all your hard work and making me feel yes I can do it.

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