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Rural Student Instructor

Job Type: 



$19 per/hr

The Literacy Council of Alaska is looking for a Rural Student Instructor to be the primary contact for all rural students in the Interior and North Slope regions, provide remote and in-person GED tutoring, AAE testing, and coordinate with rural community partners. Our ideal candidate is a teacher or tutor comfortable with multiple subjects who is innovative, culturally responsive, and able to travel occasionally. This position will have the opportunity to make process improvements, create strong connections between communities, and contribute to the mission of literacy for all.

*While traveling, the Rural Student Instructor may work outside normal business hours.*

Delta Junction ELL Instructor and Program Support

Job Type: 



$19.50 per/hr

The Delta Junction ELL Instructor and Program Support position is responsible for providing program administration in Delta Junction, supporting and helping to teach local English as a Second Language classes, recruiting volunteers & students, helping to facilitate volunteer training workshops, tracking and recording data, and administering assessment tests.

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