GED Program

Virtual GED Program

Our Virtual GED Program allows students to continue working towards their GED while studying from home. Our program has three major components:

1. Virtual Study Hall (Zoom): Offered twice a week to review complex material and encourage students.

2. Distant Learning Platforms: GED Flash and Essential Ed are specifically designed to help students study for their GED.

3. Social Media: Our various platforms (YouTube, Facebook & Instagram) are used to reach new potential students, maintain relationships with current students and implement instructional differentiation.


For questions or comments please text (907) 456-6212.

The first step is to watch the GED Program’s Virtual New Student Orientation. 








After you’ve viewed orientation (and followed the instructions at the end of the video) we will guide you through the next steps of earning your GED.

We look forward to you joining us!

For questions or comments please join Brian every Friday at 3pm, via YouTube Live and Facebook Live. 


We are also available via Text (907) 456-6212 and email

Current Student Tools

Adult Education YouTube Channel 

100s of instructional videos directly related to the GED Test. Our expert GED instructors handpick every video. This resource will provide students with a wide variety of teaching styles and examples to improve your understanding. 

Essential Ed

Having issues logging in? Text Maddie at (907)456-6212

Essential Ed is a complete learning system that generates personalized learning plans for each student. This platform is capable of teaching a wide range of skills and is equipped with instructional videos.

GED Flash 

Having issues logging in? Text Maddie at (907)456-6212

Review GED specific material, in a question-answer format. GED Flash does explain incorrect answers, but it does not teach skills. The questions, and layout, on this platform, were designed to prepare students for one of the four GED Tests.


Twice a week instructors are available on Zoom for Virtual Study Hall.

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