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Adult Education & GED

Reclaim Your Confidence In Learning

Whether you've experienced setbacks, struggled with self-doubt, or faced challenges along the way, our mission is to empower you to overcome obstacles and reignite your passion for learning.


Students Making a Change 

What We Offer

Experience the power of transformation through our trusted solutions, designed to keep you encouraged in pursuing your goals.

High School Equivalency Diploma (GED)

Reading comprehension skills 

Job prospects and earning potential 

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You Goals. Your Guide. Your GED.

Embrace the journey of earning your GED, where each step forward not only boosts your confidence but also lays the foundation for a brighter future.

Steps for Success


Go to Orientation

Attend orientation to learn about the GED program, understand the requirements, and get acquainted with the supportive learning environment.


Create a Plan

Complete the intake form provided during the orientation, providing essential information about yourself and your educational background to help LCA tailor the program to your specific needs.


Take an Assesment Test

This assessment is designed to gauge your current educational level and provide the foundation for a tailored success plan, ensuring that every step you take is a step toward achieving your goals.


Study, Study, Study

Dedicate time and effort to studying the GED curriculum, utilizing the comprehensive materials, resources, and guidance from experienced instructors.


Take your First Test

We will schedule your first GED exam at LCA's authorized testing center, putting your knowledge to the test and taking a significant step towards earning your GED credential.

We Are Here to Help You Pass

In order to get your GED you will need to get a 145-200  in the following subjects.

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Feel Confident In Your Reading Skills

Lay the groundwork for better comprehension and communication in reading through our skillfully designed program, empowering your learning journey.

Improved everyday communication

Expanded educational opportunities

Enhanced critical thinking and problem-solving

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Get to Know Your Instructors


"When I'm not topping the leaderboards in the latest video game, I'm helping students achieve their goals in a wide range of subjects, from math to reading to career success. What drew me to the LCA is their dedication to fostering independence and the foundational skills to help you in every aspect of your life, not just school.


My passion for helping students break through the barriers that have kept them from academic success and the LCA's deep commitment to each and every student are a match made in heaven, so let's level up your education and beyond - together!"

Bette Smith

Lead Instructor 

Hear From a Graduate


Get in Touch

For questions about registering in the Adult Education / GED Program please call us at (907) 456-6212

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