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Donate Goods

How your donation helps 

When you donate books to Forget-Me-Not Books, you're helping the Literacy Council of Alaska provide vital adult education services in the Interior, such as: 

English Language Learner classes

Reading Classes

High School Diploma preparation

Workforce training

Digital Literacy Skills


Start donating today

Paperback books

Books on CD 

Hardcover books

Books on cassette

Vinyl records



Board games



Donation drop-off times

Tuesday - Friday | 11:00 am - 3:30 pm

To expedite the donation process, kindly pack your items in boxes and make donations during regular drop-off hours. Please refrain from leaving your donations outside.

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Schedule your donations!

To guarantee space availability, kindly schedule a drop-off time for 4+ boxes by calling us at (907) 456-6210

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