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English Language Learning

(ELL) Program

Welcome to the

English Language Learning

(ELL) Program.

We serve

adult ELL clients

in Interior Alaska

including Fairbanks, Alaska

and its surrounding areas.

Grammar & Writing
In person & Online

Level 2-3 on Tuesday, 9am-1030am (Zoom)

Level 3-5 on Thursday, 9am-1030am (Zoom)

All levels on Thursday 6pm-730pm (In Person)

The more you practice, the better you will become! Learning grammar rules can help you become a better English language user. 

In this class, you will practice writing and using the English language with a Literacy Council teacher, while improving your knowlegde on grammar rules.


Citizenship Class
Online and In person

Tuesday/Thursday 530pm-7pm

Online and In Person

If you are interested in applying for US citizenship or have applied and want to prepare for your interview, join our class!


This class starts on September 7th and is designed to help clients study for the Civics test and prepare for their naturalization interview.

English Cafe
In Person

Friday, 11am-1pm

In this class, you will learn new vocabulary related to different situations at work and in the community.

Students will get the chance to practice speaking in English with other students and teachers in a relaxed, fun manner.


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