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We are pausing all donation in order to prepare for our upcoming sale! We will start taking donations again Monday, June 17.

Never feel guilty about buying books again!

Browse through our diverse selections of 40,000+ locally donated books, knowing that each purchase helps Alaskans with their own literacy journey. Indulge in your passion for books and make a meaningful change in your community today.


The difference you made in 2022


Explore more book titles exclusively online

Shop our wide collection of AbeBooks and Amazon offerings, beyond what you'd find in-store.

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What people are saying
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"Great experience buying from them. Honest, open and prompt replies to my messages. Thanks for helping me get a copy of a fabulous book I was excited about!"

By Nyn on February 22, 2023

Donate your books to a new home

By donating your books you are funding our education programs, providing vital skills in reading, writing, and language to empower individuals for everyday life in our community.

Declutter your space with peace of mind

Empower education through giving 

Engage in a more sustainable future


Make an impact by volunteering

Volunteer and dive into the world of books, making a positive impact in our community. Gain experience, connect with peers, and contribute to a welcoming space for readers of all ages.

Make a meaningful impact in your community

Expand your social and professional network

Cultivate a positive environment for readers 

Reading just got cozier!

Get up to $4.00 off your purchase every time you shop with us while wearing your merch.

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Get to know our staff


"For as long as I can remember, my dream job has always been to work at a bookstore. There is no better feeling than browsing the shelves for that perfect book you have in mind or finding that unexpected treasure you didn't even know you wanted. Each visit is its own unique and memorable moment, its own adventure into endless possibilities. Bookstores have always been my home away from home and Forget-Me-Not Books is no exception! But above all, I love sharing that experience with others. So next time you are in, come say hi. I look forward to reading together!"

Victoria Lekov

Bookstore Manager

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Schedule your donations!

To guarantee space availability, kindly schedule a drop-off time for 3 or more boxes by calling us at (907) 456-6210

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