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Our student Chen Li shared some thoughts about

what life is like in Fairbanks. 

July 25, 2018:

Hiking with the Alaska State Bird

Last Wednesday, my friends and I went to Angel Rocks Trail. (That¯s why I didn't came to class, sorry teacher.) 

Before we started, we prepared some bread, chips and cookies for lunch. We planned to picnic on the peak. 
We also took a lot of water, and so much water that it made my backpack heavy , but it's OK, I was excited. 
And Tang, a guy in our hiking group, was a photographer. He said he would took a lot of pictures for us, 
so I could share the pictures to my WeChat , and get a lot of Likes and Comments. We thought we had already prepared everything, but we forgot one thing that's the most important for hiking - Mosquitoes Repellent. Misfortune started when we arrived. 

Mosquitoes were anywhere throughout our route. They were fearless. They wouldn't leave no matter what I did to get them off my body. They even bit me through my clothes. When we were on the top of mountain, it was better. But there were still a few mosquitoes that wanted to bite me in the strong wind. Finally, we ran down the mountain as fast as possible. We didn't have the courage stand in the
mosquitoes to see the landscape and take photos. 
That was an awkward trip. I was "kissed" by mosquitoes thirty-two times in total. The bites were swollen and it made me feel fat.  

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