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August 8, 2018


My Old House vs. My New House


Everything is better at Fairbanks than my old house in Coahuila, Mexico. But the real reasons that I miss my old home is my family and my pets.

Before I moved here, I lived with my grandma, my mom and two beautiful dogs, Duquesa is the first one, she’s a Shih Tzu. Her hair is so beautiful and long.  She is always quiet. She’s a very good dog at 6 years old. My second dog is Gabana, a Chihuahua younger than Duquesa. She’s 1 year and she is very imperative and she wants to play every day because she’s a puppy.

Actually my home is newer and bigger than my old home. I live in Fort Wainwright (on post). My wife is in the ARMY and they always want to be good. So that’s the reason all the houses here are so big and comfortable. Now I have a garage that’s so good. In Mexico, I always had to  park the car outside. Here I can park inside, that’s cool because the winter here is really savage. If you don’t have auto start, you need to wake up earlier to start the car and stay warm every morning before you use. That’s the reason for the cable connection in front of all the cars.

August 1, 2018


My First Time in Fairbanks


Actually, I have 3 weeks here on Fairbanks.

On my first 3 days are so impossible to make a good rest because the sunset on the summer here its so weird so we cover all the windows and we already can rest.

In my second week here I found a rugby team that’s great every Tuesday and Thursday it’s the training.

Everything here its new. The culture, language, weather, country, etc.

I walk everyday to school, if I want to go at the gym on post I need to walk the same for do the super, I walk because we don’t have a car now.

My first weekend here I went to Kenai to play a rugby tournament its like a 9 hrs. away its so far but every mile it’s so amazing.

On the road I saw a huge moose with her baby and a black bear jumping on the field.

In Denali we stop and we saw a perfect view with the perfect sunset, mountains and a huge river the nature here its so good all the view its green with big trees I love it because in my city if I want to smell fresh air or saw these views with rivers or mountains I need to take a large trip or make an outdoor trip but here always found nature, the air it’s so fresh always smells good.

Today I feel so happy actually I have 3 months engaged with my wife but only one together because she’s in the army and Fairbanks its her first duty station its like a new story we have our first home everything its amazing the first time living together in a huge and responsibilities at home I think the adult life is too hard but it’s a perfect goal.

Luis's Bio: 


Hi I am Luis from Mexico I born on December 15, 1996 in Saltillo Coahuila it’s in the border with Texas.

I went to kindergarten for three years, elementary for 6 years, second for 3 more years, high school for 2 years and 4 years in college I have my degree in international trade actually, in the college I know my wife we stay for two and a half years as boyfriends and we engaged in May.

I play football for 15 years that’s one of the best steps on my life I know here my best friends I make my character and modified my skills, I know the rugby and immediately I love and I change my all live sport I have 4 years playing rugby it’s not the same thing but you can run, make tackles and kick the ball so it’s so good because in the Football you only can do one thing, defense, offense or special teams.

 I went with the national team to under nineteen world cup in Orlando and we won, it’s another good step in my life I’m never know another country it’s amazing the rugby.

 we play in Canada, Colombia, Peru, for the pre-season of North Americas and Caribbean.

My wife is in the army and her AIT was in San Antonio TX. Every 15 days I went to Fort Sam Houston in san Antonio to visit my wife, her first duty station it’s here in Fairbanks, so we moved here we have a huge home, I found a rugby team here we found a good friend.

Actually we are waiting for our house holds we sleep in foamy beds, we don’t have nothing right now I’m waiting for my papers I need to work here, translate my degree and our next step its buy a car because in the winter we can’t walk every day we walk to gym, PX, School and she walks to her work. It’s so tired every day we really need a bike now.

We are living that moment in the life when you change your youth life for adult life. Everything its new the country, the people, the language and the weather. When she finishes in the army we really want to back to Texas make our family, make our really live here and find a good job here buy our home because actually we live on post so its borrow.

In Texas we have our families at 6 hours its good thing because they can visit us and make a family vacations or something. Now we miss our families but everything it’s going to be alright.

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