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Ohoud's Bio: 

My name is Ohoud Asmar. I am from Palestine. In 1999, I finished my study as Architectural Engineer from An-Najah National University in my home country Nablus in Palestine. I worked twenty years as Project Manager in engineering projects with local institutions and NGOs American projects in Palestine. During my work in 2008, I slipped in my work from 7th floor to 6th one and had deep crash in my back bones, this accident forced me to stay sleep on my back 7th months During this period I read thousands of books, watch many movies and programs, thinking with myself; what really I like to do in my life and how I can help myself to pass this injury and my bad feelings. That accident changed my life and I decided to paint because I am already artist but I forget myself during my hard engineering work.

In 2012, I began my special Art project “Décor Art”, it was specialist with painting on glass and how I can mix it with home décor. I began my work with little amount of money nearly 50$ and after 5 years, my project grown up and have a brilliant name in Palestinian market.

Now, I am in Fairbanks and looking for my new life. I know it is not easy but I will challenge myself to succeed.

July 25, 2018:

Meeting Fairbanks in Person

I left my home land " Palestine" before two weeks and came as immigration to live in Fairbanks Alaska with my husband and his kids. My feelings were mixed.

Sad because I left my family "Mam, sisters and brothers" in Palestine and left my works as Architect and Artist while I build a brilliant name, but in Fairbanks I am not famous and I have to work a lot from beginning to have a name in market specially in my Art.

Happy because I love my husband and his kids. They are very kind and with them I love my new life and I love Fairbanks also. It is amassing country full of friendly people, green and public areas, the annual Tanana valley fair, long sunny days in summer, new architect for me and many opportunities to succeed. And I am waiting winter to see snow and long dark days, aurora and iced sculptures and winter Arts.

I hope I will achieve my goals as I want and help my new family be safe and succeed.

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