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Angela P. Interview

Angela P. began studying with us in 2016. In one year, her Speaking score went from Level 1 to Level 4. She attained her U.S. Citizenship in 2022!

Tell me about yourself:

I'm from Moldova. I moved to Fairbanks in 2016 after I won the green card lottery, which my sister entered for me. My sister has been here 14 years. What do you like about Fairbanks:

I like the people. They are very, very nice. I like the hospitals here... not the bills, but the customer service. If you schedule an appointment at 11, it means at 11. I like Pioneer Park in the summertime.

Tell me about where you work:

I am working now at Soba. I have had a server and now a part-time manager position. Soba brings traditional Moldovan food, music and decor to Fairbanks.

Any special moment at your job?

Well, my first job was at Gallos. My language was "zero" at that time. It was Christmas. The manager asked me to put more decor and gifts around the Christmas tree. I thought he meant to undecorate the tree, which I thought was strange, but I managed to undecorate the whole place in about an hour! Haha!

What's one thing we should try at the place you work?

I think you should try the stewed pork or chicken, Mamaliga or Sarmale- stuffed cabbage rolls. These are all really traditional.

How did the Literacy Council help you in Fairbanks? With your job?

I learned English there! Because I learned English, I can increase my salary more than two times! Also, I got many friends... I met many people there. I made my other friends jealous.

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