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Corina Z. Interview

Corina Z., an ELL was interviewed for our #ourFairbanks social media project. She first came to our program in 2017 and tested at a Level 3 for Speaking. She took a break in late 2018 because of her children's school needs and recently came back to our program. She is testing at a Level 5 speaking level.

She was interviewed because she and her husband are an example of successful immigrant business owners here in Fairbanks who have benefited from our services.

Tell me about yourself and what do you like about Fairbanks:

I have lived in Fairbanks 10 years. I like summers here- it's not hot here. I like skiing. The people here are nice for sure.

Tell me about your business:

I own a Japanese restaurant. We have provided fresh fish and sushi since 2011.

What's one thing we should try at your business?

People should try our tempura and terryaki.

What was a special moment at your business?

The mayor visited with his family and tried the habachi salmon!

How did the Literacy Council help you or your business in Fairbanks?

The classes helped me improve my speaking. I wasn't confident to speak English before!

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