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Jocelyn H. Interview

Jocelyn ("Josy") is a Mexican psychologist, who came to Fairbanks in 2015. Her interests include neuroscience, neurochemistry, the Human Resources field, and everything about Organizational Development.

For 3 years, Josy owned and operated a food truck that served authentic Mexican tacos ("Tacos al Pastor") in Fairbanks. The arrival of the pandemic in March 2020 changed the world, and also Josy's lifestyle. She had to shut down the "Tacos al Pastor" truck due to the COVID-19 protocols.

Josy has been working since she was 15 years old in different fields and corporations in Mexico, including work as a federal police officer, but she had never before worked in an office environment in the US. In 2019, she started taking classes with the ELL program at the Literacy Council and began improving her grammar, speech, and listening skills. This helped her build the confidence she needed to begin applying and interviews for a new job.

However, she still thought her credentials or experience were insufficient to get the job that she wanted, so she decided to apply for entry level positions, even if the pay would be less or the job description was not what she wanted.

In August 2020, Josy finally got the call that she wanted. Alex Moreno, the Staffing Manager at Geotemps, asked for an interview. This was a for a temporary administrative position. She remembers being so nervous but so happy! After that interview, she got a call back and was asked to do another interview with the director of talent. She said yes. She got another call back, asking her to do a third interview with the VP and the Human Resources manager.

After one week, Josy received an offer letter! She was so excited that she started crying and jumping! "Me? I did it?" she said. She did not even finish reading her offer letter when she ran to her husband's arms. Josy's husband read the offer letter with her, and he said "Josy? I do not think you got the temporary admin position. They gave you the Staffing Manager position!" Josy thought Geotemps must have made a mistake! It was more money and a wonderful position. She asked them if it was a mistake, but they said no! They wanted her as a Staffing Manager for the Fairbanks Branch Office.

"Since September 8th 2020," Josy says, "I have been so lucky to belong to this wonderful corporation. I will always will be grateful for this wonderful opportunity and for all my bosses and coworkers that have shown me how wonderful it is to work in a healthy and kind work environment." Josy is so proud and happy to work for Geotemps, Inc. Human Resources for Natural Resources, which specializes in positions for the mining industry, geotechnical, industrial construction, energy, and related industries, in the U.S. and abroad.

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