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Piotr's Bio: 

I’m Peter. I’m 27 years old and I’m from Poland. It’s a country in the central part of Europe. My family town is Cracow. This city is in the south part of Poland, near mountains. Sometimes I miss for this place, especially when I’m tired after working day.

August 8, 2018:

My Home

My home is in Krakow, Poland and isn’t unusual. It’s a simple house built near the forest a few years ago. My little house is made of wood. There is a smell of wood and resin in it. In the main room is a sandstone fireplace. Sometimes I sit before the fireplace and I see in a fire. It’s better than TV! Furniture in this house is made from real wood. I know in the United States plywood furniture is very popular. However I prefer real wood, no artificial materials.

In my house I don’t have any decorations. Decorations appear only during Christmas or Easter Time. During the ordinary time I prefer raw military conditions without billed floral and decorations. In my home I like simplicity without unnecessary ornaments who look like shop exhibitions. In this house I feel good. I have an opportunity to rest and writing, because writing is my hobby. In this house I feel like my ancestors, who lived in the wood houses many years ago. I’m not a clog of new technologies, but living in such a house is health and can fill inspiration to create new novels. In this home the imagination can develop and the writer can be as heroes of his story.

Near of my house is a very beautiful environment. I mentioned about small forest with birds and squirrels, but also I have a small lake with fish and ducks. This lake is a piece of my amazing garden with many types of flowers. I love red roses. Thanks to my grandma (she gave me many seeds and roots to planting) I have a few types of roses, for example red, white and yellow plants. In the central piece of my garden I built a small brick trail to house. Thanks to this I don’t have a problem with walking especially during night, because I have solar lamps on both sides of the road. Sometimes I have a problem with mosses, especially after few days with rain. I always buy a special liquid for weeds and mosses. When mosses are dry, I can take a broom and clean my trail. Everything must be clean and tidy - it’s my most important condition. Everything must be clean and tidy.

August 1, 2018:

Life at the Crown of the Earth

My life on the crown of the world is something amazing! Yes, Fairbanks is actually one of the cities in the northern part of United States, or the crown of the world. It’s a great experience and something amazing for a man who has lived in a Polish moderate climate for the last 26 years.


Alaska has a varied climate. My first trip to Fairbanks was during spring break. In Michigan, where my seminary is, it was spring time. In Alaska was still a severe winter. For the first time in my life I saw a blizzard, because in Poland there isn’t such phenomenon. But now I can see an Alaskan summer. Fairbanks is a different place during the summer with 24 hours of daylight. It’s amazing! In Poland the longest day has only 18 hours.


I admire Alaskan people for their hospitality and kindness. The people from Fairbanks want to help me with my English language learning and awareness, because it’s a new place for me. Conversation and asking about something is a very good opportunity to learn and practice.


I love Poland, but my new life on the crown of the world is better. I am glad I am here. Thanks to being here my life is changing.

July 25, 2018:

My First Painting

Recently I had an opportunity to be a painter. It was a new experience for me, because I didn’t paint before this time. So, new abilities are very important, especially for young people. With new experience somebody can growing up. Sometimes a something new for me can help me find a new hobby or very interesting things to do.


I am a painter. Few days ago I didn’t know about this work. Now I can say that it isn’t difficult. If you have an opportunity to be a painter, don’t worry! You shall find an old clothes (because sometimes it’s dirty work), and… start!


Thanks to your new experiences you’ll the best worker and the better human. Good work can changes your mentality. Painting is a good way to change a character. I know something about this.


Follow me… 

July 18, 2018: 

I have many interesting hobbies, for example philosophy, new technologies, music and films. But I love only one hobby. It’s history. History is a most important part of our mentality life. Without History a civilization can’t learn new solutions, for example during a new war or problems with resources. Cooperation with wisdom of our ancestors is important for us, and our future.


I have one sister, five years elder for me. She has two sons. First son has 6 years (I’m his godfather), second has only one year, but he is growing very fast. I have a hope that my family will better in future.


I like animals. When I was younger I had opportunity to horse riding. I love horses. They’re company of people a few thousand years. But dogs are best friends of human. I remember about this every day. My favorite type of dog is Siberian Malamute. I was in Siberia district, where is a small part of my family.  But I love rodents. I had a rat in Poland. They’re very wise animals. My rat loved tricks.


I asked my vocation director about a pastoral year. I think I need more opportunities to speak in English. It’s very important task for me… For now!

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